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Priority investments set for agriculture in the drylands of Ethiopia

New approaches and priority international investments have been agreed for agricultural research and development in the drylands of Ethiopia. This comes from a series of strategy meetings between the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) and ICRISAT More ..
Rebranding bran: teaching nutrient-rich cooking in Mali   Climate smart - Dryland cereals
A Malian project to teach mothers about nutrition and encourage them to cook with wholegrain cereal is improving child health and freeing up womenís time

We need to take care of our babies even before they are born. Itís like when you want to have good cotton, you need to fertilise the soil to nourish the seeds for a good yield. More ..
Dryland Cereals research featured on Ntv Kenya

Agriculture is the biggest casualty of climate change, with increasing temperatures threatening food production. How do communities, especially those that live in drylands, survive? Food Friday tells about the CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Cereals that researches crops with the ability to withstand temperatures of above 40 degrees. More .. 
Why the Drylands?   Why dryland cereals?   Why grain legumes?
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